EntryAfter winning the first three matches of our first Interclubs Tournament, the Setpoint Fuerteventura team has undoubtedly become one of the rivals to beat. And, what is most important for us, it has given us the strength we needed to face the second round matches with the best possible spirit and great confidence in our possibilities.

However, and taking into account that, as they say, "there is no small rival", our start in the second round has not been so favourable. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring ourselves the victory of rabbit lands by losing 5-0 as visitors against the veteran club Calufa Pádel from Lanzarote.

But our champions have known how to quickly overcome defeat, learn from mistakes and put into practice all their good work with the blades. Thanks to this, and the support of our friends and colleagues, who never stopped cheering them on, last Saturday they managed to beat the Pádel Casino Team 5-0 on our courts.

chances of victory

Thus, and taking into account that the Fuerteventura Padel Crew team finally abandoned the competition after the first round, we only have one game left to meet the finalists of this year's Fuerteventura-Lanzarote league. And we have a chance to be one of those who makes it to the big game!

In a few days we will visit C.D. Santa Rosa, with morale through the roof but also concentrated to the maximum and without misleading us in the slightest. Because, although we do not depend on ourselves to reach the final 8 of the Interclubs Tournament, which will be held between November 10 and 12, we are not going to leave anything undone so that Setpoint Fuerteventura continues to be at the top.

And, of course, we count on you! This is our paddle tennis in its purest form!