If a few months ago someone had told us that we were going to win the first three games of our first tournament Interclubs, we would not have believed him, but it is already a reality.

It all started on Saturday, July 1 at Setpoint Fuerteventura with laughter and good vibes, as worthwhile things do. The team met in the morning to prepare a match against the Calufa Pádel club from Lanzarote. Many of our friends were there to support us, and despite the nerves, all that company propelled us to the top with our first win. The match ended 3-2 in our favor.

We couldn't be happier, so many of us celebrated by having a good plate of paella at the club. We had to let our blades rest to face what was to come.

A second winning experience

But this does not end here. We had to show that paddle tennis is our passion. Many hours of training under the sun protect us. The Setpoint Fuerteventura team is made up of fighters.

With this in mind, we faced the club C.D. Saint Rose of Lanzarote. With our captain, Jorge, in front, we reaped a victory again. The atmosphere was amazing. Once again friends and acquaintances accompanied us to show that paddle tennis, more than a sport, is a way of understanding life.

On this occasion there was no paella, but there was a fantastic Lasagna dish that, after the effort, tasted like heaven.

And this did not end here. We also beat the Pádel Casino Team by 1 to 4. We are on a roll!

We don't know what will happen in the remaining matches, but let our rivals get ready because Setpoint Fuerteventura is going strong and with a lot of desire.

Padel in its purest form!